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PIARC Recovery

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Race vehicle recovery and trackside logistics by appointment to the Phillip Island and Sandown Circuits since 1991

Crash Crew News

CCN 1-16 January 2016


Having been formed from the remnants of the original PIARC Hazard Squad, the PIARC RECOVERY TEAM has been working together since 1991, with the SERVICE TEAM sub-group kicking off at the start of 1997, thus giving us the current PIARC VEHICLE RECOVERY & SERVICE TEAM. The original members were drivers: Ken Johnston, Alan Campbell, Phil Cane and John DeTracey, with crew: Jason Begley, Garry Fagan, Sandra Nicholls, Craig Perkins and Brad Smith. Over the past 25 years there have been 116 crew members – 35 of which are current members. As a Team, we have serviced in excess of 480 events including Club Sprints, Multi-club Speed Events, Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships, Shannons National Motor Racing Championships, Australian Touring Car & V8 Supercar Championships and the Australian Grand Prix. To service these events, the Team based mainly at Phillip Island and Sandown, has given of their time in the order of 14,100 man (& girl) days.

Considerable time has also been put in by individual members to assist events such as Adelaide’s Clipsal 500 and Le Mans 12 Hour, V8 events at Calder, Winton, Sydney, Townsville, Darwin, Gold Coast, Bathurst and NZ’s Pukekohe, along with overseas GP’s in Malaysia, Singapore and Korea.


Reco Team ’94. Al (with tilt trailer), Kage, Geoffy & Phil



As mentioned above, the current recovery team followed on from the original team – affectionally known as the PIARC Hazard Squad. It was responsible for trackside emergency control, vehicle recovery, supply; and transport, distribution and maintenance of the PI/Sandown fire extinguisher stock. Hazard Squad 1 was formed in 1973 and was based on Kage’s 5 litre HQ wagon and the club tandem trailer with club members including Beejay (Brendan Hynes), Dixie (Dick Duval) and Cobra (Len Templeton). With the Island out of action, Hazard Squad 2 took over the mantle in 1980 and was led by Alan Campbell with members Mike Clancy and Steuy Stevenson to handle various club events at Calder and Winton. When the Island re-opened to 4 wheel events (karts), version 3 came on line in 1989 with Kage and sons, Gerg & Davo – now in a Patrol – and Al, with daughter Sandra, in the Falcon.

A few Kart and Sprint events were held in ‘89 and ’90 until the PIARC State Race Series event returned to the Island in ’91. To service this event, and others promoted by the club in the future, the Recovery Team as we know it, was formed, and expanded by request in ’93 to include the needs of Sandown.

The lights on Al’s Falcon have seen a few laps. Prior to us getting hold of them they were the course car lights, but being held on by 4 magnets they were prone to being blown off. They have since been mounted on various roof bars and currently reside on top of Perky’s T3 Patrol.


To celebrate our 25th, the News banner has been updated for this year – in case you missed it. The team letterhead has been likewise updated for correspondence outside the team. Nothing like blowing your own trumpet a bit, methinks.


The 25th Anniversary get-together was held at the clubrooms on Saturday 16th January.

The revellers were:

Shane Blitz & Jan McDonald George Boland Alan & Wendy Campbell

Jen & Steph Campbell Phil Cane Neil Currie & Mick Mundy

John & Sharon DeTracey Andy & Nicki Dobbyn Jake Dobbyn & Georgia ….

Trav & Darcy Dobbyn Noel & Susie Edwards Dave & Bronwyn Ewart

Garry & Wendy Fagan Tabb & Levi Fisher-Smith Theresa Ford & Jaclyn Bown Trevor Franks & Zoe Butteris Lisa Fox Phil Golding

Bec Humphreys Ray & Kerry Humphreys Paul, Denee & Luke Humphreys

Rob, Sian & Amy Humphreys Gregg Johnston Ken & Lyn Johnston

Mick & Liz Kidd Murray & Tash Lewis Chris & Danielle Lewis

Joel Luka Fred Menheere Mal Nicholls

Craig & Ness Perkins Sharna & Riley Perkins Keith Perkins

John Pillekers Pete, Tiff & Emma Rackley Geoff & Denise Rowley

Peter & Tracey Rowley Geoff Jnr & Nicole Rowley Mark & Kym Scorah

Roger Sinclair Mark, Rina & Danielle Shields Syd Smith

Alan & Kate Steuart Darren Watterson & Sharyn Budgen Rod Zealley

The Presidents of the era: Matt & Karen Balcombe

Geoff & Dawn Bull Peter & Marcia Nelson Warren & Helen Reid

Apologies received from:

Peter Bagehorn Rob Clarkson Steve Dunn

Sean Finn Stacey Ford (Bown) David Johnston

Glen Luka Simon Maas Jen Pillekers

Barry Power Cliff Power Daryl Poynton

Brad Rodwell Brad Smith (Pecka) Mark & Bec Vandenbroek

Paul Vandenbroek Ben Vos

Long Service Awards were made to:


Fred Menheere (10 yrs/348 days) Al Steuart (13 yrs/300 days)

Bec Humphreys (14 yrs/511 days) Garry Fagan (18 yrs/260 days)

Jen Campbell (18 yrs/443 days) Andy Dobbyn (21 yrs/757 days)

Geoff Rowley (22 yrs/668 days) Mark Scorah (23 yrs/648 days)

Alan Campbell (25 yrs/911 days) Ken Johnston (25yrs/1030 days)


Other long serving members, who did not attend, are:

Roger Williams (10/287), Peter Bagehorn (13/478) and Jason Mackay (13/504).

Team Supporter Awards (truck suppliers) were made to:


Mick Kidd (Magic – 5 yrs) Sean Finn (Concours Prestige – 7 yrs)

Phil Golding (Mack, Warragul – 9 yrs) Shane Blitz (DHH, Razoo, Allied – 10 yrs)

Syd Smith (Team Narva – 11 yrs) Barry Power (Team Narva – 18 yrs)

Cliff Power (Powerful – 19 yrs) Ben Vos (Ace – 21 yrs)


Tow Chief Awards were made to:

Fred Menheere (Loss of Traction Cup) Mark Scorah (Loss of Traction Cup)

Darren Watterson (Loss of traction Cup) Andy Dobbyn (Supervisor Cup)

Gregg Johnston (Tow Truck Navigator Cup) Geoff Rowley (Reverse Parking Cup)

Not necessarily true that the cups were only awarded to the longer serving members – just that they have spent more time on the ground that allowed more opportunity for a cock-up or two. Not so much evidence of early stuff – the occasional photo or a mention in CCN.

Much harder to get away with today with more cameras and less trees – ask Fred and Wort.

Thank you to:

Thanks to the PIARC Management Committee who contributed towards the event by covering the cost of the stubby holders and the pre-dinner drinks. Also to Warren, Peter, Matt and Geoff, being the Club Presidents over the period, for assisting with the award presentations.

Thanks to all of the past and present crew members who have made our Team one of the most highly recognised in the country, and particularly to those who were able to attend to make this celebration a worthy event.

A big thanks to Lyn (Credentials Chick and current Clubman of the Year) who chased up all 100, or so, of us to get it off the ground and get us to the door.


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