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PIARC 2018 Event Dates at Phillip Island

February 10-11  PIARC Sprints Rnd 1 with Superkart Races  Multiclub   PIARC     

April 7-8   PIARC Sprints Rnd 2 with Superkart Races  Multiclub   PIARC     


April 20-22  Phillip Island Supercar Championship Rnd 4  Int’l Restricted  Supercars

April 29   Victorian Hillclimb Championship Rnd 5   State Championship  PIARC           NB. To be conducted at Bryant Park Morwell

May 5-6   PIARC VSCRC 2018 Rnd 2       State Championships PIARC     


June 1-3   Shannons Nationals CNRC 2018 Rnd 3   National Championships PIARC     

June 23-24  PIARC PI300 Closed Race Meeting    Closed Multiclub  PIARC      

July 7-8             PIARC Sprints Rnd 3      Multiclub   PIARC     

July 28-29   6 Hour Regularity Relay     Multiclub    6 Hour Regularity Relay Committee


August 18-19  PIARC August Access Closed Race Meeting             Closed Multiclub  PIARC     

September 8-9  PIARC Sprints Rnd 4 with Superkart Races  Multiclub   PIARC     

November 17-18             PIARC Sprints Rnd 5 with Superkart Races  Multiclub   PIARC     

November 24-25             Island Magic 2018 Race Meeting                 Multiclub   PIARC     

C/- RVAC Building First Avenue

Moorabbin Airport

Mentone VIC 3194

Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Ltd PIARC Notes Dec Jan 2017.pdf


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